Radio Communications

I'm a licensed amateur radio operator (KF7TBB) and always carry a handheld ham radio with local repeaters programmed into the radio's memory. 

I also have the following FRS and GMRS frequencies programmed into memory for monitoring purposes.  As authorized by the FCC, in the event of a life or death emergency only, I will use every available frequency as necessary to communicate.

ChannelFrequency (MHz)Notes
1462.5625Shared with GMRS
2462.5875Shared with GMRS
3462.6125Shared with GMRS
4462.6375Shared with GMRS
5462.6625Shared with GMRS
6462.6875Shared with GMRS
7462.7125Shared with GMRS
8467.5625FRS use only
9467.5875FRS use only
10467.6125FRS use only
11467.6375FRS use only
12467.6625FRS use only
13467.6875FRS use only
14467.7125FRS use only

More communication information coming soon.